Virtual Core Storage
and Visualisation Software.

Coreshed provides an advanced digital core storage, visualisation, management and data integration solution for drill core and other geological samples.

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Looking for a solution to manage your image based geological data?

Coreshed’s web platform provides secure, 24/7 access to core photography, hyperspectral mineralogy, geotechnical, geophysical and geochemical data.

The storage, management and visualisation of millions of drill core images can challenge traditional geological data bases and put pressure on I.T. infrastructure.  Coreshed’s image management solution delivers high speed, on-demand access to your entire core library, served directly to your desktop computer or mobile device.

Coreshed provides the following features:

Data Archive

Centralised management of drill core, RC chips and other geological images

Online Mangement

Secure data storage and advanced user access management – SSO ready


High speed access to core imagery even over low bandwidth satellite links 

Web Portal

Access your core library anywhere, using desktop or mobile devices

Web Portal

Core Photos and Geological Images

An advanced solution for all you core photos, hyperspectral images, mineralogical maps, assay data and geological logs.

Virtual Core Library

High speed image access and visualisation of your entire core library from entire drill hole to core box scale.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

A web based portal for secure, 24/7, global access.

Import Your Old Core Photos

Advanced algorithms to import, correct and enhance your old SLR/DSLR core photos.

20 Million Metres And Counting

Coreshed’s cloud server currently hosts over 20 million metres of images in over 750,000 products.


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