Coreshed update: Touch screen support and more...

Coreshed update: Touch screen support and more…

The latest Coreshed™ release has been made live today and includes some exciting new features:

The usual pinch, pan, tap and swipe actions can be used on touch enabled devices to navigate the site and view imagery.

pinch to zoom

Stackable panels allow you to “drag-and-drop” one panel on top of another to create a composite images on the fly.

Drag and drop one panel on top of another to create a stack of transparent images

Can’t remember what colour Alunite is? Hold the “ctrl” key while hovering the mouse to see the mineral class name.

Hovering mouse over mineral class map shows mineral name in bottom right corner of screen

The following new features have been progressively released over the past few months:

Log core from the office. This view is presented as the core was scanned and allows you to overlay mineralogy over core photo.

View core trays

Share your view with a permanent link.

Share links by copy and pasting the address bar URL

These new features are accessible instantly by logging on to with your existing login details. If you have any queries, please contact us or your Corescan representitive.