Coreshed integration to form part of acQuire's latest GIM Suite 2.1 release

Coreshed integration to form part of acQuire’s latest GIM Suite 2.1 release

Coreshed integration to form part of acQuire’s latest GIM Suite 2.1 release

acQuire’s latest GIM Suite 2.1 release incorporates direct connectivity between Corescan’s web based virtual core library, Coreshed (, and the acQuire GIM Suite.  Core imagery stored on Coreshed may now be streamed directly into the GIM Suite, allowing Corescan’s high resolution core image products to be tightly integrated with other geological logs.

Clients with valid acQuire licenses are now able to login and download the GIM Suite 2.1 software via the acQuire website.

Coreshed’s proprietary image serving technology provides high performance streaming of high resolution core images, even over low bandwidth connections, delivering global accessibility to a company’s centralized core photography and core image library, whether from site, or from head office.

Resource teams can explore in a single environment, key relationships that may exist between image based datasets (e.g. texture, assemblage, paragenesis identified from core photos, mineral maps, alteration assemblage maps) and traditional point or interval based data  sets (e.g. lithology, assay, geophysics) leading to increased discovery potential.

“The integration between the GIM Suite and Coreshed presents a complete view of available information about your drilling data. Since your entire team works from a single source of data, both accuracy and productivity are improved,” says Warren Carvey, acQuire’s Regional Commercial Support Manager. “This is a significant step forward for anyone relying on geoscientific information to make business decisions.”

More information on the GIM Suite 2.1 release can be found on the acQuire website.

A demonstration of the Coreshed – GIM Suite integration was made during the GIM Jam Mastermind session at the recent AMEBC Roundup 2016 in Vancouver, including a presentation by Corescan VP Business Development, Dr. Brigette A. Martini.


Corescan is a global services company specialising in the scanning, analysis and interpretation of drill core, rock chips and other geological samples for the mining, oil and gas, geothermal and geotechnical industries.  As a service driven company, Corescan seeks to be the partner of choice for companies that demand greater objectivity, quality, efficiency and return from their investment in drilling.


2016 marks the 20th anniversary of acQuire. In 1996, acQuire launched Geoscientific Information Management (GIM) software solutions for the natural resources industries, focusing on exploration, resource development and mining assets.  Due to an ongoing commitment to excellence, acQuire reinvests 20-25% of their annual revenue into research and development. The company currently employs over 100 staff working in seven offices around the globe, with support centers operating in each major time zone. More than 450 sites benefit from acQuire GIM solutions.

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