Coreshed is pleased to announce the release of version 2.23

New Feature(s)

  • New down hole (strip log) display format

A major upgrade to the display of down hole (or strip log) drill core images allows core to be displayed end to end along the length of the drill hole, avoiding drill core images overlapping when the physical length of the core is longer than the depth interval the image fills. This new down hole view is named “Stacked down hole”.

For example, where the photo of a 1.0 metre length of broken drill core material represents only 0.8 metres of drill hole depth, the original “Down hole” view would overlap the following image by 0.2 metres as shown in the sample image below.  Selecting the new “Stacked down hole” view will reveal the overlapped length of core. This is achieved by using a dynamic depth scale bar where the depth intervals can expand and contract to align with the actual core photos – noting that the depth scale bar intervals are non-linear.

This latest version of Coreshed supports three display modes: 1) Stacked by tray; 2) Down hole; and 3) Stacked down hole; as summarized below.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • A number of bugs relating to the misalignment of images and numerical logs during display refreshed have now been resolved.
  • A bug preventing more than 10 vector panels from being displayed concurrently has been resolved.
  • A bug where the un-synching and then re-syncing of a display panel caused the panels not to correctly align by depth has been resolved.
  • A bug where stacking multiple display panels on top of each other caused the mis-registration of the stacked images has been resolved.
  • A number of back-end performance and reliability improvements have been completed.